Aims & Scope

Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change is an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed and open access journal. It aims to publish excellent cultural analysis from a range of perspectives. It welcomes innovative and original conceptual and empirical research drawn from a number of disciplines and subdisciplines including sociology, social theory, cultural studies, historical sociology and gender studies. The journal engages with key issues and topics such as:

  • cultural production and consumption
  • taste and aesthetics
  • value and values
  • migration, culture and identity
  • cultural globalization
  • cultural reproduction and appropriation
  • social class and inequality
  • protest culture and resistance
  • cultural hierarchies and power
  • arts and popular culture
  • literature and music
  • celebrity culture and fashion
  • ‘race’, ethnicity and culture
  • marginality and cultural inequalities
  • space, place and culture
  • gender and sexuality
  • everyday life and cultural experience
  • food, culture and society
  • science and culture
  • consumer society and the environment
  • cultural politics and ‘culture wars’

The journal is oriented towards (but not limited to) research on social change, thus imbuing it with a political dimension and purpose. By providing a forum for critical dialogue, it is the intention of this journal to encourage cultural analysis that challenges the ideological fashions and injustices of the day and in doing so, contributes to wider debates and helps to stimulate new and progressive forms of social engagement. Rather than wishing away complexity, it seeks to put forward nuanced, historically-sensitive research that considers the complex transformations that have framed our lives. It asks why things are as they are and how they might be different. At the same time, the journal welcomes research that deals with culture and meaning, focusing on key existential questions with which we are confronted in these uncertain times.

With its emphasis on imaginative work with a critical focus, the Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change seeks to open up debate and discussion across borders and disciplines.

Articles to be submitted for peer review should be between 7,000-9,000 words in length, including all references, footnotes, and accompanying material. We also welcome the submission of comment pieces (up to 2,000 words) which might (for example) engage with a pressing social issue or with an artwork or cultural object.

If illustrations are included, please allow 250 words per figure and ensure that you have copyright permissions.

For general enquiries please email the managing editor:

Simon Stewart (University of Portsmouth, UK), Editor-in-Chief

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Phone: +31 (0)70 2190600 | E-Mail:

Address: Cultura Building (3rd Floor) Wassenaarseweg 20 2596CH The Hague THE NETHERLANDS


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